Mele Hoa Tiki Mug - First Edition - Satin Green with Gunmetal Gray Wash - by Rainforest Tiki


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Mug Design:

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Daniel Scarcello
Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

From the Tiki Farm website:

"An absolutely wonderful, very playful mug sculpted & designed by Daniel Scarcello aka Rainforesttiki. This is our second design by Daniel and personally, though I dig them both, this one is my favorite. “Mele Hoa” features two stylized Tiki-inspired characters with the fellow up top holding a Tiki mask over his face. Perched on top of the lower fellow totem-style, there are dashes of symbology to be found on the mug, though I have no idea what it means… I just love it! Ultimately perched upon an outcropping of foliage and a pedestaled lava, skull-flanked base – it’s super fun and super creative! Glazed in a beautiful, all-new satin green with a gunmetal grey wash, the detailing is very strong and the mug’s detailing shows through so nicely in this glaze combination."

This first edition was followed by a second edition in brown with black wash.

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30 May 2022
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30 May 2022
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