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    Kon-Tiki Sheraton, Tiki Bar - Green

    This swizzle uses the Kon-Tiki logo type and tiki used for many of the Steve Crane Kon-Tiki locations.

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    Castaways, The, Resort, Hotel, Tiki Bar - Orange

    The Castaways Resort was located in Florida from 1958 - 1981. The resort was home to the Wreck Bar and the Tahitian Bar. Over the course of their existence the created a prolific amount of swizzles for the resort and individual bars as well as combinations.

    This version features a couple standing under a palm tree. The style of swizzle was also used by other establishments.

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    Hawaiian Isle, Tiki Bar, Blue

    This tiki swizzle was issued in several colors. Hawaiian Isle was in the Sunny Isles area of North Miami Beach, very near another complex, The Castaways . It had a weathered shingle-clad pyramid over the main entrance, a sort of sharp, angular, modern take on a primitive hut. The tikis on site were highly stylized (in particular a large, back-lit, glowing mask near the entrance), and many were Witco tikis. Today the location is a high-rise condominium complex called Pinnacle.

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    Chin Tiki, Restaurant - Green

    This pick is tiki topped and the stem is more like a knife or dagger than a standard pick. Chin Tiki was opened in 1967 by Marvin Chin, who also opened Chin's Chop Suey in Livonia. Chin Tiki closed around 1980, but the space and decor have remained relatively intact, spurring periodic rumors about it reopening. Chin Tiki was featured in the Eminem movie 8 Mile; during the filming of 8 Mile, apparently much of the kitchen equipment went missing.

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    Heilman's Beachcomber, Restaurant - Blue

    Vesuvius's description:

    Darker blue than template photo

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    Trader Vic's, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Green

    Available to trade

    I have 2 available for trade, and I am interested in vintage swizzles.

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    Port O' Three, Restaurant - Red

    Marvin Chin, owner of the Chin Tiki, also owned the Port O' Three Tiki restaurant in nearby Bloomfield Hills, MI. Its menu, swizzles, and signage used many of the same graphics as the Chin Tiki. The Port O' Three name came from his "three types of food" concept for the restaurant which he advertised for on his matchbooks: "A unique combination of sea food, Polynesian, and Japanese cuisine under one roof....". It opened in 1971 but only lasted a couple of years.

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    Trader Vic's, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Brown

    Vesuvius's description:

    Marked "Trader Vic's"

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    Trader Vic's, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Brown

    Vesuvius's description:

    Narrow font, curved apostrophe, not marked "Japan" on back