Innsmouth Creep - Designer Series - Abyss Blue - by Devon Devereaux - for MONDO


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Mug Design:

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Devon Devereaux
Tufan Sezer, Tiki Farm

Inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos, this mug was created by Devon Devereaux, sculpted by Tufan Sezer and produced by MONDO.

It portrays a Deep One -- a humanoid being with fish, human and amphibian-like traits, described as having greyish green, glossy and slippery skin with white stomachs. They have scaled, ridged backs, as well as webbed hands and gilled necks. Notably, they have a head similar to that of a fish, with eyes incapable of blinking. They have been known to mate with humans and the citizens of Innsmouth exhibit varying Deep One features depending on their family tree...and their age, which usually accelerates growing into a Deep One and returning to the sea.

This is the Abyss Blue version; a blue wash over brown. There are two additional color ways, Primordial Brown and Lurking Fear Green.

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31 Aug 2021
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31 Aug 2021
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