Rolling Tiki Cocktail Glass - by Black Lagoon Designs


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Black Lagoon Designs

This loball tiki mug features a top-like base that allows it to wobble and spin slowly without spilling.

These were created in a large variety of glaze colors (pink, green, red, black, rainbow, etc).

From Black Lagoon Designs:

"Meet my latest cocktail mug, my Rolling Tiki cocktail glass!. This tiki is sure to be a talking point at your next cocktail event.

This glass holds approximately 500ml of liquid and stands approximately 14cm tall. Please note - these were made by hand and not on a wheel and are not exactly a sphere however they do roll extremely well. The bottom of these tikis are un-glazed ceramic and will feel rough to the touch, dark liquids such as red-wine may stain the un-glazed area of these glasses however I have put mine through the dishwasher with no permanent stain remaining. This glass has undergone a number of glaze 'washes' and will have darker marks in some areas, spots or wipe marks - this all happens during the process and is the effect that I was hoping for and wanted - please ensure that you view the images attached carefully prior to purchase. "

*NOTE: There is also a similarly shaped tapa decorated rolling glass by Black Lagoon Designs.

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