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Mission Tiki Drive-In Themed Attraction & Movie Theater – Montclair, California, United States

Mission Tiki Drive-In was originally the Mission Drive-In, which opened in 1956. De Anza took it over and started work on turning it into a tiki drive-in in 2005. The tikification was primarily performed by carver and artist Tiki Diablo, and includes plenty of tikis and Polynesian-themed decor. Ticket booths have A-frame tops with thatch, and the refreshments area has plenty of large tikis and tiki masks, and bamboo-lined walls. Mission Tiki's logo tiki is holding a box of popcorn. In addition to the regular schedule of drive-in movies, Mission Tiki hosts special events similar to those that have proved popular at the the De Anza-owned (but non-tiki) Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta.

Closed January 23rd, 2023. Sold and cleared for industrial development.

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