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Nice location. Low key tiki vibes but the drinks were great.

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Strange Bird Bar & Restaurant – Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Opened in November 2019 by Neal Warner and his brother Paul Warner in partnership with Love Handle’s Chris and Ally Benedyk and Flatland Kitchen designers Eric and Rebekah Nolan.

This is yet another newer bar that eschews the title of "Tiki Bar" but reaches deeply into the genre/category, borrowing much of its atmosphere and, of course, its drinks. The owners prefer to call Strange Bird a "Rum Bar" or "Landlocked Exotica" and acknowledge the tiki-leanings but state that they have purposefully kept things a bit more spare with what they consider "cleaner" and more "minimalist lines".

While there may be no tiki carvings on display, there is a ton of lauhala matting behind the backbar which is overseen by a taxidermied wild boar who looks like he would be right at home at a Hawaiian luau. Some contrasting walls are wall-papered in a large banana leaf print. Nearby booths are bordered with variated bamboo. The roof is blanketed with loose thatch panels that give a nice hut-like feel. Fish trap lamps, and round capiz shell lamps give plenty of mood lighting. This is contrasted with white painted boards on the front of the bar and white modern barstools, but this use of white calls to mind not so much a spare modern aesthetic as it does the sides of a white-painted boat's hull, and plays off all the nautical rope looped about.

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