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Laki Kane Bar & Restaurant – United Kingdom

Laki Kane opened in July of 2018 and is located in the heart of Upper Street Islington, London.

Beyond the Polynesian inspired decor one typically associates with tiki bars, Laki Kane also tries to pull from other tropical areas, including the Caribbean (bongo drums) and South East Asia (elephant wallpaper and swinging chairs).

While those who frequent tiki bars may be disappointed at the lack of tiki carvings (although there are some pillar tikis) or tiki artwork, they do have several very impressive in-house tiki mugs designed by Bai of France just for this location and a very robust tropical craft cocktail menu.

The name Laki Kane comes from the lucky (Laki) sugar cane (kane) which is converted over time into the rums used in their cocktails.

The cocktail list has been designed by co-owner, Georgi Radev, a former Mahiki bar manager (11 years at that location) and author of the cocktail book, Let's Get Tropical.

The bar prides itself on being the first in the world not to use any refined sugar in its cocktails. Instead the bar is using natural sweeteners including sugar cane juice, agave, honey and a wide range of tropical sweeteners.

They also strive to use a range of fruits not commonly seen in western cocktails, including Soursop (something between coconut and peach), Cupuacu (between peach and cacao), and Wood Apple (cross between mango, peach and grapefruit).

Each table is fitted with call buttons for service, meaning that you can call on tiki-dressed waiters at any time for a re-fill.

They also have a micro distillery on premises and make their own bespoke rum in the upstairs bar, The Spiced Dry Rum Club. This area is dedicated to teaching guests Laki Kane’s unique re-distillation process.

The kitchen is helmed by renowned chef Michael Moore.

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