Cosmic Skull Mug - Lunar White Edition - by Munktiki Imports - for Kindred & Mothership


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This is a pocked and weathered white skull with cosmic nebulae and starry galaxies peeking through the eye sockets, mouth cavity, and through a break in the back cranium. These celestial vistas look kinda psychedelic like they were designed by American comic book artist Jack Kirby back in his heyday.

Kindred is a metal-themed bar in San Diego, California with a vegan menu. Though not a tiki-themed establishment necessarily, they have a long-running tiki night (Permanent Vacation) and, they serve several tiki cocktails and have produced several mugs in the past.

From the Kindred website:

"Two behemoth celestial forces collide into one illustrious drinking tankard! We present the KINDRED x MOTHERSHIP collaboration Cosmic Skull Mug! A multi-universe mug alliance a year in the works, KINDRED and MOTHERSHIP have commemorated the finale of Permanent Vacation and the upcoming launch of MOTHERSHIP with a two-vessel series, designed with the help of Thor, manufactured by Munktiki, and limited to just 400 mugs in each color variant. The first color variant, Lunar White, is available right here. A second color variant, yet to be disclosed, will be available at MOTHERSHIP during its opening. For those who experience imbibing as an explorational act of duty, this flagon is a triumph of cosmological proportion."

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16 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
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