Rum Depot Berlin

Visit: 16 Sep 2023

We had the live-tasting Rum Around the World with Martin. It was a great and fun experience. I learned so much about rum and other booz, Martins knowledge is gigantic.

Tiki Bar:

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Rum Depot Berlin Bar/Store – Berlin, Germany

Founded by Dirk Becker in 2011, the Rum Depot Berlin is THE place for rum. At the front you can find the store has 800-1200 rums in stock.

In the back is the Berlin Rum Club Bar (opened in 2008). They do the live-tastings here. The Rum Club also has their own tiki mugs.

Dirk Becker is the author of the book “The Big Book of Rum” and the host of the German Rum Festival, the largest rum event on the planet. The festival was started in 2011 and currently has thousands of visitors each year during August/September. At last count, the festival hosted over 70 booths, more than 150 brands and therefore also over 500 different bottlings!

*Note: From a tiki decor perspective, this location is lacking. It is simply a VERY well-stocked rum liquor store with a dedicated area for tiki mugs (and some of their own signature mugs). However, their mascot is a tiki head and they are very tiki friendly/tiki adjacent since rum is the spirit of choice for most tiki cocktails.

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