Kahuna Kevin's Tiki LOG! Open Edition


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Eekum Bookum
Kahuna Kevin

This is a mug shaped like an upright tree log with a Tiki Bob inspired face. Tiki LOG! stands confidently at 9-inches tall, about 5.5-inches wide at the top and slightly tapers downwards to 4.25-inches wide at his base. Tiki LOG!'s two branch nubs also double as straw access ports to share drinks with two buddies, plus the large rear ice/drink port can also accommodate another couple straws. Made for Kahuna Kevin, who is the author of several published cocktail books, including 'Why Is The Rum Gone? Volume 1' and 'Why Is The Rum Gone Volume 2'. In addition to this open edition, there is also a signed and numbered version of LOG! limited to 24 pieces and a Super Dooper Edition limited to only 5 pieces..

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2 Jan 2021
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2 Jan 2021
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