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52 Canoes Tiki Den Bar – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Opened in 2018.

This bar boasted: "A wide array of Tiki Cocktails and Classics, One of the Largest Rum Selections in the Country, a good range of soft drinks including our Homemade Ginger Beer and a Selection of Beers!"

The interior had a long bar decorated in bamboo and with a backbar decorated with geometric clusters of bamboo end-pieces. The ceiling had several canoes suspended from the rafters. Walls were painted blue, with booths outfitted in a mix of padded blue and red benches and red/green/and white antiqued wood "captain's chairs". There was one large carved tiki on the bar at the end and several masks and other pieces of assorted tiki art spread throughout.

Closed as a result of Covid shutdowns in September 2020.

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