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Doug Horne
Eekum Bookum

This is a two-part mug shaped like a vintage 1970s cone fireplace with chimney. It has a blazing fire with logs on front bottom and reads "Tonga Hut" on reverse. Top of chimney is shaped like a moai head and is meant as a dry ice chamber to have "smoke" come out of the top. There is also a straw hole on reverse of top. This was released in two colors; an orange and a green glaze version. Used to serve the "Pele's Pyre" cocktail by Marie King. While this is an open edition, the first 60 (of each color) were numbered on the bottom of the top chimney piece. A rare sub-variant of this mug is missing a mouth (20 of each color arrived like this from the factory).

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26 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
Georg B
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