Full Throttle Tiki Mug - First Edition - by Squindo - for Tiki Farm


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Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

From Tiki Farm:

" 'Full Throttle Tiki' pays homage to the open-wheel racers of the early 20th century and is another addition to our ever-growing Lowbrow, Hot Rod-inspired Tiki mugs, albeit without the actual hot rod on this one! Designed as a 3rd in an ongoing series for us by Tony Squindo, we’re digging the vintage glaze hues of muted grays, drab olives and burnt oranges on this one, doing our best to replicate the poster color aesthetic of the bygone open-wheel racing era. As ample in lead foot as he is in footprint, Full Throttle Tiki measures 7 1/8” in height and holds 21 oz. of high-octane, cranium-bursting liquid delight!"

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18 Jan 2022
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18 Jan 2022
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