Seahorse Bowl Greenish Blue For Pagan Idol One Year Anniversary


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Bai Tiki
Tiki Farm
Pagan Idol

This is a bowl supported by three seahorses. Though the seahorse may appear as a cute little sea creature, in folklore it actually has a very powerful role. Seahorses represent eternal friendship, good luck, patience and persistence. In Europe, the seahorse carried the souls of deceased sailors, providing them safe passage and protection until they met their final destination. Around this bowl are strands of kelp and bubbles floating upward. The glaze is a wipe-away finish which gives good definition to Bai's sculpted details. This is the first collaboration between Tiki Farm and Bai Tiki. There is also a pink version of this bowl. This version is marked for Pagan Idol in San Francisco, CA., on the occasion of their one year anniversary (February 24th, 2016 -- February 24th, 2017).

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23 Mar 2021
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23 Mar 2021
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