Volcano Bowl for Smuggler's Cove Rumbustion Society

Brian's description:

The description is no longer accurate. Most of these were awarded under the new rules, which required 400 rums rather than 300.


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This is the volcano bowl initially given to members of the Rumbustion Society who drank 300 rums at Smuggler's Cove. Only 10 were made and only 3 were awarded as of Aug/12/2014. Since then, more have been awarded and the rum count required has gone up from 300 to 400! It is probable that those early bowl winners caught up on the additional 100 rums as well...

This bowl is similar in design to the bowl used at Smuggler's Cove, with the addition of gold leaf hilites on the edges. It is a hand-painted matte grey exterior glaze with red glaze interior. Bowl is marked with the Smuggler's Cove banner on one side.

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19 Nov 2020
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19 Nov 2020
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