Marqool - Sage Stain With Green Wash - The Classics Collection - by Tank Standing Buffalo - for Tiki Farm


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Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

This is a Marquesan style tiki mug in sage stain with green wash. There is also a version in orange with black wash or in blue with black wash.

From the Tiki Farm website:

"'Marqool' is a straight-up Tiki mug. There is not much of a deviation here from what you would have expected 21-years ago from Tiki Farm. Case in point is our 31st mug, Mad Marq (my personal favorite). All things considered though, Marqool is 'Tiki' or at least is a Tiki Farm interpretation of Tiki created with my steering the direction in conjunction with our friend and longtime Tiki Farm contributing artist/designer – Tank Standing Buffalo.

Artist: Tank Standing Buffalo

Original release year: 2021 

Capacity: 17 oz.

Material: Ceramic stoneware

Height: 6 inches"

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24 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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