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My wife and I had dinner and drinks here at the Trader Vic's Lounge, long before I was into Tiki and oh, how I wish I could have that evening back. I was just developing a taste (late in life) for cocktails of any kind, in general, and I remember I had a Sidecar. What I'd give to go back to that moment and order a Mai Tai....

Tiki Bar

Trader Vic's - Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California, United States

Opened August 11th, 1955.

This Trader Vic's was located in the Beverly Hilton and until 2004 was owned by Merv Griffin -- the hallway between the hotel and the restaurant was lined with blown-up black & white photos of Griffin with various celebrities from the 70s and 80s. It was originally called The Traders. Its location at the edge of Beverly Hills attracted some of the vintage set of celebrities.

The Beverly Hills Trader Vic's last day of business was on April 29, 2007. After 50-plus years of operation, this Los Angeles institution was closed, to make way for the development of a tower of condos or hotel rooms.

A few bits of the restaurant were moved to a bar near the pool area, which was called Trader Vic's Lounge, and served Trader Vic's drinks. However, Trader Vic's Lounge closed at the end of January 2017.