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    The Golden Tiki Mermaid mug - Blue

    Featuring a busty MERMAID with much detail...long flowing hair with a flower on one side, hands folded in front and a scaled tail that wraps around. Limited edition Mermaid mug for the Golden Tiki in Las Vegas, made by Tiki Farm in 2019. Produced in a blue version and green version.

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    Arizona Tiki Oasis II Mug - Terra Cotta Orange - by SHAG a.k.a. Arizona Tiki Oasis 2020 Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a long faced tiki with coffee bean shaped eyes, a long narrow nose, puckered mouth, and hands held in front. Wood grain. Terra Cotta orange exterior with light aqua blue interior. Design by SHAG and manufactured by Bauer Pottery. This event mug was issued for the second annual Arizona Tiki Oasis, the twin event to the San Diego Tiki Oasis. This was held at the Valley Ho resort (est. 1956) in Old Town Scottsdale. There was also a smaller edition of 100 mugs in a blue glaze for the SHAG Store in Palm Springs.

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    The Den Of Sin Maori Devil Tiki Mug - Second Edition - Beachcomber Blue/Green a.k.a. The Den of Sin Home Bar Devil Tiki Mug Blue/Green

    This is a blue/green-glazed tiki mug shaped like the bust (mid waist up) of a devilish horned tiki, dressed in a suave suit, with Maori Moko face tattoos, holding a martini in his hands. Jason & Staci Smith worked with Doug Horne to bring their concept to life. John Mulder sculpted and manufactured the finished mug. The Den of Sin is the home bar of Jason & Staci and since they live in Las Vegas, the back of the mug features the vintage skyline of The Strip. The first edition in matte red with black wash was followed by this "Beachcomber Glaze" second edition in a blue/green and a more glossy candy apple red third edition.

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    Koro The Midnight Dancer Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Orange - by SHAG

    This is a SHAG designed tiki mug of Koro, the Midnight Dancer, one of the opening act tikis from Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room. It is glazed in orange with a bowl-shaped opening at top and a yellow interior. These were sold, starting November 9th, 2020 only at Disneyland's Downtown Disney brick-and-mortar shopping area through reserved shopping.

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    Mele Hoa Tiki Mug - Satin Green with Gunmetal Gray Wash - by Rainforest Tiki

    From the Tiki Farm website:

    "An absolutely wonderful, very playful mug sculpted & designed by Daniel Scarcello aka Rainforesttiki. This is our second design by Daniel and personally, though I dig them both, this one is my favorite. “Mele Hoa” features two stylized Tiki-inspired characters with the fellow up top holding a Tiki mask over his face. Perched on top of the lower fellow totem-style, there are dashes of symbology to be found on the mug, though I have no idea what it means… I just love it! Ultimately perched upon an outcropping of foliage and a pedestaled lava, skull-flanked base – it’s super fun and super creative! Glazed in a beautiful, all-new satin green with a gunmetal grey wash, the detailing is very strong and the mug’s detailing shows through so nicely in this glaze combination."

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    Sven Kirsten's The Book of Tiki 20th Anniversary Tiki Mug - Amber Edition by SHAG a.k.a. Sven's Mr. Cannibal Mug Amber

    This SHAG designed mug features a cannibal style tiki holding a copy of the Book of Tiki and taking a big bite out of the top of it. This is the third edition in amber.

    There are three color ways of this design whose release was planned as follows:

    PHASE 1: the launch, with 100 limited BLUE edition mugs, numbered and certified by Sven and Shag, for $150 a mug, sold at the Original Tiki Marketplace on September 12th, 2020. Numbers 1/100 to 5/100 were held back and put up on e-Bay for auction.

    PHASE 2: the next phase, with a 100 limited RED glaze edition in conjunction with a matching Shag print, available at the SHAG STORE for $250 each.

    PHASE 3: the last phase, with a 1,000 piece AMBER glaze edition from Tiki Farm, for $75 per mug.

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    Krampus - Green - by GeekiTikis

    From their website:

    "In Central European folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as "half-goat, half-demon", who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved. Part of the Series 4 Horror line-up, Krampus features beautifully sculpted details and a fun hidden detail on the reverse side of the mug."

    The hidden detail appears to be a pair of hands creeping over the side of Krampus's basket as a victim (child, probably) tries to escape.

    Glazed in green (some selective spots wipe glazed to show white) with red interior.

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    Gamma Gamma Hey Coconut Mug - Second Edition - Atomic Orange - by Munktiki Imports - for House of Tabu

    This mid-century modern coconut mug features a wrap-around atomic pattern and is glazed in an atomic orange glaze for 2021.

    This mug was first released in a cyan blue glaze first edition for 2019. The atomic orange was paired with a third edition in mid mod green as well.

    Manufactured by Munktiki Imports.

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    Gamma Gamma Hey Coconut Mug - Third Edition - Mid Mod Green - by Munktiki Imports - for House of Tabu

    This mid-century modern coconut mug features a wrap-around atomic pattern and is glazed in a mid mod green glaze for 2021.

    This mug was first released in a cyan blue glaze first edition for 2019. The mid mod green was paired with a second edition in atomic orange as well.

    Manufactured by Munktiki Imports.