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    Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug a.k.a. OMC Ku Tiki Mug

    This Ku mug is unglazed tan, with a brown glazed rim and interior. Back is marked "Aku Aku" in vertical letters down back, in black. The Aku Aku was a Polynesian restaurant inside the Stardust casino, at the north end of the Las Vegas strip. The restaurant opened in 1960, and closed in 1980.

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    Munktiki Imports Seahorse Green

    This is a mug shaped like a seahorse. It was also made in a blue, a "red", and an orange version through the Munktiki Imports line. The Munktiki Imports versions are smaller than the original seahorse mugs produced in a LTD and SLTD by Munktiki.

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    Sumo Flip Glossy from Miyako Hotel

    The Sumo Flip was manufactured by OMC in both a matte and glossy finish. The mug features a sumo wrestler mid-air and has the words "Sumo Flip" printed in black letters on the front. This version is also marked "Miyako Hotel, San Francisco"

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    Never Forget To Get Drunk Elephant Mug

    This pink elephant mug was manufactured by Munktiki. He is wearing a fez and his trunk is pointed up in the air as he holds a Moai mug. “Never Forget to Get Drunk” is written on the back of the mug.

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    Lucky Monkey Limited Edition a.k.a. Lucky Monkey LTD Edition

    Monkey wearing a fez and sitting with a poker chip. The SLTD edition was glazed in Redwood Brown with a red interior, red eye sockets, and a red poker chip. This regular limited edition comes in different color combinations, including "Creamsicle Brownie", "Funky Brown", and "Gearhead Delight."

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    Pink Elephant

    The Pink Elephant was manufactured by Munktiki. He is a little pink elephant with swirly eyes. His tongue is hanging out to one side, and he is sitting.

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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Nautilus Drink Vessel Third Edition

    This is a drink vessel shaped like the Nautilus submarine featured in Jules Verne's novels, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and The Mysterious Island (1874). It measures 6" high by 14.5" long by 5.75" wide. The Nautilus Cocktail includes Barbancourt Pango Rum, Appleton Estate Reserve Rum, Combier's Crème de Pêche De Vigne, Tropical Juices, and Falernum. This version is in a darker brown than the second edition but not as glossy as the brown first edition. Also, this version has some randomized black deposits and smudges that give it a weathered and antiqued look.

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    Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar Hitchhiking Ghosts Tiki Mug Black a.k.a. Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Stacker Mug First Edition

    This mug was specially produced for the Halloween 2016 season. The mug depicts the three hitchhiking ghosts from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in a stacked tiki totem design - Ezra (the skeleton), Phineas (the traveler), and Guss (the prisoner), complete with his ball and chain. It has a hand-wiped black finish over a natural glaze. There appear to be at least two slight variants, one with more of a brownish black glaze and one with a more brown glaze. This first edition was produced in a limited edition of 2500 pieces. A 2017 second edition was produced in a green wipe glaze. There is also a 2016 blue version and a 2017 red version that was produced for Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Florida.

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    Oga's Cantina Yub Nub Mug a.k.a. Ewok Celebration Mug From Star Wars Oga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge

    This is a ceramic hiball glass featuring an Ewok celebration scene from the decisive battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire on the forest moon of Endor, including the Death Star and other ships overhead with Ewoks cheering below. The "Ewok Celebration", commonly known as "Yub Nub", is also the title of a 1983 song featured in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Secluded in a remote corner of the galaxy, the forest moon of Endor would easily have been overlooked by history were it not for the decisive battle that occurred there. The lush, forest home of the Ewok species is the gravesite of Darth Vader and the Empire itself. This mug was released on May 31,2019 at Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina. The Yub Nub cocktail features: "Malibu Pineapple Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Citrus Juices, and Passion Fruit."

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    Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Tiki Mug Tall In Copper Brown a.k.a. Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Tiki Mug Tall Sixth Edition

    This was mug was manufactured for Walt Disney's Polynesian Village Resort in Disney World, Florida. The mug is copper brown and features a stylized Papua New Guinea Mask head with circular eyes and the sharp-toothed mouth partly open in a smile, exposing the tongue. This mug was also made in earlier glaze color editions as well.

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    Glass Two-Faced Tiki Short Clear Disney Polynesian Resort

    Common two-faced glass with smiling face on one side, angry on the other. This version is clear glass, with "Walt Disney World" on one side and "Polynesian Resort" on the other.

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    Disneyland Pele Tiki Mug Brown a.k.a. Enchanted Tiki Room Pele Mug

    Very large tiki based on the volcano godess Pele from the lanai pre-show at the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland. Original design by Rolly Crump, adapted design by Jody Daily, and sculpt by Squid. Jody Daily's original design called for the volcano lid to be used for flaming garnish, with a straw hole on the side, but Disney opted to instead put the straw hole through the top for safety reasons. Marked "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Disneyland Park Microwave & Dishwasher Safe" in white paint on the bottom, with "Disney" imprinted in the mold on the bottom. Comes with a hangtag.

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    P.I. a.k.a. P.I. Hawaiian Idol Mug, Magnum P.I. Mug

    P.I. was designed by THOR for Tiki Farm. It is shaped like Tom Selleck's character from the Magnum, P.I. television show which ran from 1980-1988.

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    Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar Hatbox Ghost Mug First Edition

    This is a mug shaped like the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion attraction, holding an empty hatbox. There is a reverse version of this mug with the ghost's skeletal head inside the hatbox and a vacant space under the hat that was issued for Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Florida. Both versions are white with a wash wipe-away glaze to pick out sculptural details. This version is bone with a brown wash. Inside is brown.

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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Hatbox Ghost Mug First Edition

    This is a mug shaped like the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion attraction, holding its skeletal head in a hatbox. The ghost has a vacant space beneath its actual hat. There is a reverse version of this mug with an empty hatbox and the head in place under the hat that was issued for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar in California. Both versions are white with a wash wipe-away glaze to pick out sculptural details. This version is white with black wash. Inside is black.

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    Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar Jungle Cruise Christmas Nutcracker - First Edition a.k.a. Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar Jingle Cruise Christmas Nutcracker - Green

    This ceramic mug looks like a Nutcracker with holly on his hat and holding a skipper's wheel. There is also a red version for the Trader Sam's Grog Grotto location.

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    Lock, Shock, & Barrel Mug - Halloween Variant - Orange - by MONDO

    From Mondo:

    "Among the joyous sprawling cemeteries of Halloween Town, its most diminutive denizens Lock, Shock and Barrel have stacked to attack with some neighborly holiday horror. From the Tim Burton/Henry Selick/Disney classic THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS comes the three little troublemakers in one trick-or-treat tiki. This mug features the three stinkers in a tiki totem, with their untrustworthiness criss-crossing on the back."

    This is the Halloween orange glaze variant. This design was also produced in a Skeleton Variant in bone white and a Standard Variant with each of the three characters in a separate color-way.

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    Safari Camp Raider - First Edition - Brown - by Munktiki Imports for Lost Temple Traders

    This mug is inspired by the Jungle Cruise ride at Adventureland in Disneyland where one tableau scene shows a gorilla with a gun raiding the safari camp. This gorilla wears a pith helmet and a jug of booze as well, and sits comfortably atop a crate piled with other ill-gotten goods.

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    Snakes of Mara Mug - First Edition - Brown - by Tim Wollweber & Marcus Gonzalez - for Club 33 a.k.a. Temple of the Forbidden Eye Mara Mug Brown

    Only available to Club 33 Members. This mug celebrates the Club 33 Summer of Tiki Takeover as well as the 25th anniversary of the Indiana Jones ride. The three corners feature rising Cobras ready to strike. Each of the three flat panel sides features one of the boons Mara will grant you, as long as you don’t look him in the eye! The basic shape of the vessel is inspired by the mural inside the temple, where Mara is pouring out the waters of youth. Designed and sculpted by Tim Wollweber and Marcus Gonzalez. Glazed in brown. Used to serve the “Guards of Mara” cocktail.

    Followed by a second edition in dark purple glaze.

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    Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Mug - First Edition - by Tim Wollweber - for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

    This deep orange version with black wipe was created for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. An earlier version in brown was released, exclusive to Club 33 members only, and only 1 per membership.

    Designed after the iconic Gargoyles seen in the Haunted Mansion attraction at DisneyLand, the mug has two battery operated torches designed by Grider.

    From their advertising: "As the sun sets in New Orleans Square, creatures of the night emerge from the shadows. The mysterious 'Flying Foxes', known by the locals as the Souris-Chaude, haunt the trees of the Garden District. These delightfully dreaded creatures dart through the sky, driving the locals absolutely batty. Resting in the portrait gallery of a lonely old mansion, several strange stone Souris-Chaude Gargoyles light the way for visitors through deathly still air with their ever flickering candles."

    Came with "The Stone Watcher" cocktail, featuring several ingredients, including 3-year-old The Real McCoy white rum, green chartreuse, lime juice, pineapple juice, and falernum.

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    Amor Eterno Skull Goblet - Second Edition - Funky Seafoam - Green a.k.a. Eternal Love Skull Goblet

    This skull mug features a skull with rose-enwrapped skull & heart iconography on the reverse and is glazed in a funky seafoam green. The skull is perched upon a pedestal featuring skeleton lovers front and back.

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    Test Pilot - by Trevor Foster Studio - for Lost Temple Traders

    From Lost Temple Traders:

    "Valiant to the end, the test pilot’s final flight took him deep into the heart of a remote jungle where he was never seen again. It is rumored that anyone who drinks from this vessel is imbued with a little bit of the bravery of that ill-fated explorer. And, if you consume all 32oz, you will be extra brave.

    The Test Pilot was sculpted and produced by Trevor Foster. Limited to 200 pieces. "

    This mug was blind-boxed with one in every ten mugs having gold lenses. The remaining 180 had chromed/silvered lenses.

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    Booze Cruise - Bone Edition - by Lost Temple Traders

    This mug is based on a statue of the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, which sat among various artifacts in the darkened Cambodian ruins in the Mekong River portion of the Disney Jungle Cruise ride. Hanuman was later replaced with a golden snake to be more politically correct.

    This mug version also holds a tiki mug in its right hand, whereas the statue did not.

    From Lost Temple Traders:

    "The Booze Cruise has been on a long journey- the project originated with Kaku Kaku Tiki [Bill Grayson/Polynesian Village], and we took it over after long delays when it was dead."

    Sculpted by Patrick Vassar (The Green Tiki). The Booze Cruise mug was released in Bone, Green, and Brown editions.