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I had a 3 dots and a dash which was decent. Their menu was a little limited, but we definitely had fun. The coolest thing about their decor were their black velvet paintings for sure!! Dark cool vibe. I think I would have preferred different music too or maybe just pepper in some classic exotica or Hawaiian music. I’m not sure what they we’re playing but it didn’t quite fit the mood for me. I have heard from others they play classic exotica and other cool gems though. Our server was nice and seemed very enthusiastic about Tiki! I look fwd to going back!

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Coral Club Bar & Restaurant – Vancouver, Washington, United States

Opened November 5th, 2022.

This is a speakeasy style tiki bar/restaurant in Vancouver, Washington.

Coral Club is a passion project of Angela Deans who, along with her husband, owns the popular Brickhouse bar and restaurant just a few blocks away.

The drink menu contains tiki classics, Coral Club originals, and a wide assortment of non-tiki options. The bar stocks more than 30 types of rum along with a wide selection of other libations from around the world. All cocktails are hand-measured and mixed using fresh juices and the finest ingredients available. The food menu, similarly, includes re-imagined tiki classics as well as a number of original dishes including Poke Bites, Kahlua Pork, and Beef Short Ribs.

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