NU Lounge Bar

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Visited on a quiet weeknight. Drinks where world class, manager was very accommodating, good vibe even though it was a quiet night. Good selection of take home mugs all made in Italy by Maka-Tiki

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NU Lounge Bar Bar – Bologna, Italy

NU LOUNGE BAR was founded in December 2000 by four friends – Davide Cavallari, Daniele Dalla Pola, Elena Esposito and Maurizio Gerosa. The four members gathered their national and international experiences together in order to create a Cocktail Bar in the center of Bologna and offer their customers a unique experience.

It is tucked inside an open galleria and there is seating within the bar area as well as outside in the enclosed galleria space. Focus is on tiki cocktails and the bar features a unique assortment of Italian made tiki mugs.

Daniele Dalla Pola is known in the United States for his work at Esotico Miami.

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